Lord, now I see

Lord, now I see,
You only want me to believe;
Not to dwell
In all my failures and defeats;
To believe what You have done,
And not in what I see.
Lord I believe,
When all around me is defeat
And it seems that nothing’s changing outwardly.
No! I’m not discouraged,
I’m believing You.
Yes, I believe,
And there is no demand on me.
Simple faith, yes, that is all You want from me.
Freed from anxious doubting—
I’m free to just believe!
Believing You,
Because, Lord, You are my success!
When I fail, all I must do is just confess,
And go on enjoying You—
I love believing You!
Sarah S

United Kingdom

Lord, I just love believing in You. There's no other one that I can believe into. Only You, Lord, only You.


Bais, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Praise the Lord. I'm in school today and I feel so down. I don't know but my spirit seems to be shouting at me, yelling that it needs some water. I opened Youtube and try to see some yp songs. I would like to hear some new songs and when I sing along with this hymn, Oh Lord Jesus, there is the flowing within. AMEN!

Macky Sunga

Manila, NCR, Philippines

When I first heard this song, in a meeting, I was very touched because earlier that day I was struggling to come to the meeting hall. Many things happened that day, failures in projects and everything related to school just keeps on failing. Even when I was on my way to the meeting hall, it's as if Satan is just fond of keeping me away from it. But inside me, there was Someone speaking that I need to drink because my spirit is athirst. I don't know, when I enterd the meeting hall, this was the hymn. And I was touched by the message. And many more hymns I heard that is as if the Lord is talking to me through them. Praise His name now and forevermore!

Angel Rodrigo Butal

Cagayan De Oro City, Mis.Or., Philippines

Before, as a young people, I like to sing this song because I like the tune but I didn't appreciate the content that much. But right now, the Lord brought me into a situation where I did experienced all that was included in this song and now I appreciate it and I love the Lord more! I love believing Him!


Lord, now I see, You only want me to believe. I always believing on You no matter what I experience for...


Valenzuela, Manila, Philippines

Lord, thank You for such a wonderful things You have done for me. Lord, You are my success for all my failure and defeats. Lord, thank You for always guiding me for all the things which I need to do. Lord, I love You. No one can compare to You.

Andy Wang

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

LORD I BELIEVE! Because Lord You are my success! Simple faith, yes, that is all You want from me. FREED from anxious doubting - I'm free to just believe!!


Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines

Lord now I see that with all my failures and defeats all I must do is just confess and believe what You have done and go on enjoying You. Hallelujah! What a wonderful love God brought to us. Lord keep our heart to love You more and more each day. I LOVE YOU LORD! Nothing can compares Your love to us. Amen!

Madelene I. Camacam

Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines

Lord, preserve my heart in believing You and enjoying You!!!


Nottingham, United Kingdom

I love the Lord with all my heart and no matter what once you believe He never forgets you."In all my failures and defeats" He will never give up on me. Amen.

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