Is it raining, little flower

Is it raining, little flower?
  Oh, be glad of rain!
Too much sun would wither thee;
  Soon ’twill shine again.
Though the sky is black, ’tis true,
Yet behind it shines the blue.
Art thou weary, tender heart?
  Oh, be glad of pain;
Sweetest things in sorrow grow
  As the flow’rs in rain.
God is watching, thou’lt have sun
When the clouds their work have done.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States

I would not be able to go on without the comfort in Trials section, it's such a help when in the Valley.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

"Sweetest things in sorrow grow, as the flow'rs in rain..." What a beautiful hymn. I first fell in love w/ this gem because it reminded me of something so simple. While going through a valley, this song reminded me of God's faithfulness - that He's faithful & responsible to carry us through all the sunny AND rainy situations He has placed us in. No matter how hopeless it may feel, He wants us to simply trust in Him & in what He's doing. This may seem impossible at times, but that's why we need to be constantly reminded of it.

Even when the clouds cover the skies, may we remain open to You.


Houston, TX, United States

I'm sweetly reminded of the Lilly (Ginger) which grows in standing water and mud, into the Sweetest flower and Root...!!! The plant is grand and variegated in color, all grouped together from a single growing root...which is a miraculous, healing and tasty food!!!!


We need to be reminded of such elementary things. So obvious, but don't we get discouraged too easily when the clouds do their work?


ON, Canada

I too was encouraged by this hymn this week. It's so simple but yet so real. We need the sun as well as the rain in order to grow in life in a healthy way, so the Lord in His care and mercy sends us both at the proper time. Too much sun is sure to wither us, so we also need the rain. Praise the Lord that the clouds are there to do a work of transformation in us! May we not shy away from them, for they are a true blessing.

Bridge Aughenbaugh

Saipan, C.N.M.I., Northern Mariana Islands

I was so encouraged by this song today!!!!