Lord, I am only Yours alone

Lord, I am only Yours alone,
I love You, Lord above.
I give myself to You right now,
Lord, You alone I love.
You paid the price upon the cross,
Your blood, You shed for me.
The right of ownership o’er me
Has been transferred to Thee.
Lord, thank You I am sacrificed
Upon the altar of love;
Unto You I am set apart,
I love You, Lord above.
I consecrate myself to You,
I give myself to You.
Work in me fully that I may
Be useful Lord, to You.
Lord, I give You my whole future,
I bind myself to You.
I cut all ties with worldly things,
I yield myself to You.

Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

I think the thing I have most trouble with in my Christian walk is submission and obedience, letting go my control, my right to make my own choices, putting myself completely in the hands of and at the mercy of another. I really need help in this area, God, You know why I fear it, please help me Lord. Amen.

Ian Neilson

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Get the tune. Now listen to the words, let the grip you. The Lord wants you and me to be fully consecrated to Him only.

Almira Rarugal

Navotas, NCR, Philippines

I like this song because it reminds me with my consecration before the Lord... That I would not care for my future anymore and I will give my whole being to Him. Lord, I give my whole future to You. I give myself to You to work in me fully that I may be a useful vessel before You.