Nothing’s quite so precious

Nothing’s quite so precious
As Jesus in my spirit.
He takes away the care
And fills me with His peace.
He never leaves me,
E’en as the days grow weary.
His presence goes with me.
My soul delights to hide in His arms.
  I call His name, “Lord Jesus,
Help me in my weakness.”
So faithfully each day in me
He proves His life is so sufficient.
Nothing’s quite so precious
As Jesus in my spirit.
He turns my heart to Him,
To feast upon His life.
It’s nothing I do—
His mercy’s just upon me.
And God’s free gift of grace
Becomes an endless joy to me.

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Enjoying this song with the saints, 2024

James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

I experience the Spirit in my morning watch. Nothing is quite so precious as Jesus in the morning. I like verse two. It is nothing, [absolutely nothing] I do, His mercy is just upon me. It is God’s free gift. I always thought the free gift was just initial salvation. Now I see it is God Himself coming as the Spirit to me. This is true grace. It is sufficient for my whole life!

We know God subjectively by the Spirit. As we know Him more and more, He becomes the most precious thing we have.


Marina, CA, United States

Enjoying this song at the Kim's home in Carmel, CA.

Joseph Hu

Houston, Texas, United States

Great song 😃


Ft Worth, TX, United States

Does anyone know who wrote this?


Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Nothing’s quite so precious

As Jesus in my spirit!

Lord Jesus! Thank You for Your mercy and grace becomes an endless joy to me!

Vanessa Myron

Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Oh how precious it is to have Christ in our spirit!!!! We need not worry about our weaknesses and failures because His life in us supplies us!!! Hallelujah we should rejoice!!! Hallelujah we should dance and praise the Lord!!! Animals can’t boast that they have a spirit to contain God, angels can’t boast but we can boast in the Lord that we have Him in our spirit. Oh how wonderful!!!! How precious!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

It’s nothing I do... His mercy’s just upon me

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, Amen Nothing is so precious...

He Never Leaves Me -

He turns my heart to Him

To feast upon HIs Life... its Nothing I do -

His mercy's just upon me.


El Monte

You are so precious Lord