Christ is Life and in My Spirit

Lord, I consecrate myself;
Body, soul, and spirit too.
Lord, preserve me in this age.
Paint me with the Ointment true—
  Christ is life and in my spirit.
When I turn I get this life!
When I pray, Lord—Your voice, I hear it!
Thank You, Lord, I have this life!
We must flee these youthful lusts—
Lord, we really want to grow.
Praying, speaking, fellowshipping—
All the sense of life to know.
  Lord, Your love is sweet and tender.
Day by day, I’m drawn to You.
When I touch You I am recovered.
Keep me turning back to You.
God is working now within me;
Every moment, every day
By obeying His anointing.
“Oh Lord Jesus” is the way!
  Oh Lord, strengthen and constrain us!
Keep increasing, grow in us.
Break through every kind of blockage
Life is so mysterious!
Jesus is reality.
He’s the only One we need.
Sin, death, doubts: we’re now set free!
He is life and peace to me.
  Lord, in us, continue growing.
You’re the all-sufficient One!
Keep our spirits burning and flowing—
We will love You ’til You come!

2023 Mid-Atlantic SSOT