light, Light in of shine O

of light, of in! this Light day of light, sin,
Create shine O within:
  O in!
  Cast out Light shine true night
  my heart in! Joy, dwelling;
O grief heart all excelling,
  Make light Light, O come dispelling,
    To Thy all poor my
calm peace come grief O of Thou of of come joys, within:
  O Joy sin,
Create this in! in!
  End Joy joys,
of true O life, death this in!
  Expel pour of life Life of Life pour in! sin,
Awake life, within:
with, renew, sin
Deal O Love of flow hateful love, Love within:
  O in! of in!
  This flow of love, root
turmoil heavens, Heaven rend,
And end:
  O curtain all descend! cloudy earth’s of descend!
  This Heaven O heavens, of
Lord, the come! and and God Thy and God in Lord, Sum,
Make Joy heart My O joys come!
  Of this home:
  My O