Conflict today is fierce

Esther Lee

Folsom, United States

I like this song because... it's challenging, but provides the motivation to meet it. It sets us ablaze, strengthens the inner man. It's a reminder not only to inoculate against laziness, but to anchor our sight on the prize. Praise the Lord for the message in this hymn. The tune is very suiting too, btw.

Isaiah Tor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

This hymn by Brother Watchman Nee, does not only give us the sense of urgency in spiritual warfare in the Body in the full expectation of the Lord's coming, but also how immediate, real and "onerous" this spiritual conflict is today. It is the Lord's coming in this hymn at the end of each verse, that lights a beacon of hope, that the end of all spiritual warfare in the Body is to bring in His coming, and is done in anticipation of His blessed return. Hence we have "the endurance of hope" not only that we would prevail in such warfare in the Lord, but also we fight unto that perfect light of day when the Lord returns, when so happy we will see Him as His Bride (which we are being prepared as in the midst of the fighting), when all our trials and sorrows in the present life, wrought by the devil, is done, to thus enter into His joy forevermore. Hence the message of this hymn is - "Overcome"!