What a blessing, what a priv’lege

What a blessing, what a priv’lege!
  Called of God a royal priest,
That this glorious, holy office
  I should bear, though last and least.
  All the building of the Body
  On the priesthood doth depend;
Ever praying in the spirit
    I this office would attend.
If I keep this royal calling
  Under Thine authority,
Priestly duty thus fulfilling,
  Then the church will builded be.
Now the church is but the priesthood;
  Thus the priesthood formed we need;
When the priests are knit together,
  Then the church is built indeed.
Through the church’s degradation,
  Saints this office desolate;
Through the weakness of their spirits
  Preaching doth predominate.
Most are leaning on the message
  And the preaching emphasize,
Yet neglect the priestly praying
  And their spirits’ exercise.
Deal with me and make me balanced,
  As in preaching, so in prayer;
Leading others oft in praying,
  As Thy Word I too declare.
Only serving by our praying
  Will our spirits mingled be;
Stressing prayer as much as preaching—
  Thus the church is built for Thee.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Louisiana, United States

Now the church is but the priesthood;

Thus the priesthood formed we need;

When the priests are knit together,

Then the church is built indeed.

What a blessing, what a priv’lege!

Oh, the priests eat the best of Israel and have their hands full of Christ. Then they bear the saints before God, offering Christ to God. They lay their hands on the burnt offering & are one with Him. They serve with the other priests. They have God’s speaking to His people. The church life is a life of the priesthood!

Joseph Syh

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States

What a blessing to serve living God in a corporate priesthood.

Solomon Golmei

New Delhi, Delhi, India

The goal of God's salvation is to make all those who believe in Christ priests of God. Therefore if a person is saved but fail to become a priest to serve God, he cannot fulfill God's purpose or satisfy His desire. Oh Lord forgive us for not fulfilling Your purpose. Amen


Lagos, Nigeria

The church is built through prayers. Lord make us real priests, fulfilling this ministry.


London, United Kingdom

What a blessing, what a priv'lege

Called of God a royal priest,



Lake Forest, CA, United States

Our position as priests is to spend time with God to be enlightened and burn the spiritual incense by praying at the incense altar to pray what is on God's heart for the carrying out His divine administration On the earth! The main function of a priest is not to work but to spend in the presence of the Lord until he or she is one with Him in the Spirit!! Lord, here I am, not ready to work but to be filled and possessed by You and to be one with You"

Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Yes, Lord recover this two way traffic priesthood with us for Your building.

Starets Maquiling

Davao City, Philippines

Lord, thank You for showing to us the importance of prayer. For the building up of Your Body, there’s really need of the priests and kings. We were born priests and kings! Lord, deal with us and make us balanced, as in preaching, so in prayer! Lord, forgive us for more emphasize the preaching but neglecting the priestly praying! By praying, You can work within us and we touched You in our mingle spirit! Amen!

In Christianity today too much emphasis is placed on the function of the prophet, a preacher of the word. Stanza 4 of Hymns, #848 says, "Through the weakness of their spirits / Preaching doth predominate." This describes today's abnormal situation in which the function of preachers, as ministers of the word, is dominant among Christians. I am heavily burdened because God desires priests and kings for the fulfillment of His purpose. Prophets are supplementary in this regard. In the Old Testament, prophets were not needed when the condition of God's people was normal. They were needed primarily when His people were weak, childish, foolish, and in darkness.

When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, Moses represented the kingship, and Aaron represented the priesthood. Among them there were no prominent prophets. Although Moses was also considered to be a prophet, his service in this capacity was far less significant than the authority that he bore for God. Moses' sister, Miriam, also was a prophetess, but her function did not compare to the priesthood of Aaron and the kingship of Moses.

This does not mean that there is no place for prophets or ministers of the word in the church. It means that the prophethood is supplementary and remedial. In the Old Testament the prophets were needed when the children of Israel were in desolate situations. Elijah and Elisha were raised up to speak to the children of Israel when the temple was closed, the priestly service had ceased, and the kings were in disarray. When David lived properly before God, there was no need for prophets, but when David stumbled, there was a need for Nathan and Gad to serve as prophets (2 Sam. 12:7-15; 24:10-14). When David committed a sin, a prophet was needed. When he had a problem, the remedy came through a prophet.

Stanza 4 of Hymns, #848 says concerning the priesthood, "Through the church's degradation, / Saints this office desolate; / Through the weakness of their spirits / Preaching doth predominate." The priestly office is desolated through the church's degradation. In today's Christian churches we can hear much preaching, but when people are asked to pray, many are as silent as a tomb. When preaching predominates, it means that there is the ministry of the prophets, but there are no priests or kings. There is the gift, but there is no life. I say again, we were born to be priests and kings. The priesthood and the kingship are a matter of our new birth. If we want to have the gift of prophecy, we may desire it, but that is not something of our birthright.

The following hymn helps us to realize that for the building of the church, there is a great need today for such a priesthood, for such a group of people who know God in this way.

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