Oh, may my spirit flow

Oh, may my spirit flow,
  Oh, may it flow!
Now I beseech Thee, Lord
  Oh, may it flow!
My past I would forsake,
The iron walls would break,
My spirit free would make;
  Oh, may it flow!
Oh, may my spirit flow,
  Oh, may it flow!
Now I implore Thee, Lord,
  Oh, may it flow!
No more self-satisfied,
No more in self-bound pride,
No more my spirit tied;
  Oh, may it flow!
Oh, may my spirit flow,
  Oh, may it flow!
For this I plead with Thee,
  Oh, may it flow!
High-minded not to be,
Pride shall not prison me,
I’d flow unceasingly,
  In spirit flow.
Oh, may my spirit flow,
  Oh, may it flow!
For this I seek Thee, Lord,
  Oh, may it flow!
No more to isolate,
Nor self to perfect make,
My spirit nought abate,
  Deeply to flow.
Oh, may my spirit flow,
  Oh, may it flow!
I ask Thee, gracious Lord,
  Oh, may it flow!
My trust in self o’erthrow,
Down from self’s throne I’ll go,
That living water flow
  In spirit, Lord.
Oh, may my spirit flow,
  Oh, may it flow!
Answer my prayer, dear Lord,
  Oh, may it flow!
Not just commune with Thee,
I long to builded be,
Mingle with others free
  In spirit, Lord.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Ponce, PR, Puerto Rico

Verse 6 ends "that living water flow.

John 4:14 - the water that I will give him will become in him a fountain of living water springing up into eternal life.

John 7:38- He who believes into Me, as the Scripture said, out of his innermost being shall rivers of living water.

Maeriehl Joy Roxas


Oh, may our spirit flow! I agree with Shelley that singing/praying this hymn addresses most, if not all, of the reasons our spirit doesn't flow. Oftentimes, I too have this thought that I just don't know. I don't know how to release my spirit. But thank the Lord that we can seek our gracious Lord to dethrone our self and clear away the passageways of our inward parts for the spirit to flow purely and deeply into others for the building.

Kerthene Byrd

Spring, Texas, United States

This is my hearts desire, my prayer.

Lord I don't know how, I just open to You. Your will be done in me. You know my heart, I need Your help. I love You Lord. Spirit of Jesus Christ FLOW IN.


I got a release in my spirit.


Anaheim, CA, United States



Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.

I was first introduced to this hymn during the winter training 2005. I have been singing it ever since, often times before meetings. Praise the Lord for this wonderful prayer/song. It addresses many of the reasons our spirit doesn't flow. Singing it gives the Lord room to clear out the all blockages and to allow our spirit to freely flow. Try it!

Today, because of our background and culture, many among us do not have the habit or the realization regarding the matter of living and working as members of the same Body. Moreover, few co-workers have the habit of carrying out a work in the same way as members of the one Body. For this reason we need more fellowship and coordination so that we will not do our own work in seclusion. Regrettably, some co-workers prefer to be secluded; they have no realization that seclusion is a prison. Instead of being secluded, we need to be delivered to have genuine fellowship in spirit so that our spirit may flow. Stanza 4 of Hymns, #845 says, "Release my spirit! This is what I want, / That I from my seclusion may depart; / My private seeking poverty has brought, / Now save from self, Thy wealth to me impart." Stanza 1 of Hymns, #846, begins, "Oh, may my spirit flow, / Oh, may it flow!" Our habit is to seclude ourselves. This is a defect. All the co-workers should be open to each other in fellowship so that they may do the same work in the same way in the one Body. May the Lord deliver us all from seclusion and grant our spirit to be released and to flow in the fellowship of the Body.

In this message I would also like to recommend Hymns, #846. It will help us to read, pray, and sing this hymn...

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