Once in sin I served, a slave

  Once in sin I served, a slave,
In suff’ring and affliction;
Sin once held me captive, bound me,
Lorded over me.
Struggling vainly to escape,
I groaned in desperation,
Unaware that Jesus had set me free.
  His wondrous grace has found me!
From sin’s bondage I am freed,
I’m drinking living water, salvation’s bounteous feast;
Praise God! What riches! Oh what sweetness!
Overflowing joy and praise!
Oh, hallelujah! I’m saved by grace!
Onovo-Agbo David

Abuja, Fct, Nigeria

Great hymn that runs with same tune as 'Dwelling In Beaulah Land'. So strongly worded. Please, can we have all the stanzas? God bless you richly!