Christ is the Word and Spirit too


Lagos, Nigeria

God is so faithful to me I can't stop praising Him forever.

The Lord Jesus and the word of God are one. Furthermore, the Lord is the Spirit. The first line of Hymns, #815 says, "Christ is the Word and Spirit too." Christ, the Word, and the Spirit are three, yet these three are one. The Lord is in the Word, and He is the Spirit. Therefore, when we read the Bible, on the one hand, we are contacting black and white letters, and on the other hand, we are touching the Lord Jesus with our spirit. Eventually, the Lord, His word, and the Spirit are mingled with us. By enjoying the Lord in this way every morning, we are daily eating healthy food.

I am physically healthy mainly because of the breakfast that I eat. I also urge you to change your physical breakfast habits. You should eat more for breakfast. It is a pity that most young people wake up late in the morning and consider that eating something quickly is breakfast. People who eat in this way will ultimately have a dull mind, because their food is not healthy. Likewise, if you are willing to spend five minutes to pray and ten minutes to study the Word every morning, you will be fed every day, and you will be spiritually healthy. I hope you will daily take Christ as your life, read His word, receive Him, and be mingled with His Spirit.