Head and body bent in effort

Head and body bent in effort,
Forced to bear a heavy cross,
As a sheep led to the slaughter,
Mute, enduring cruel reproach.
  Faultless Lord, Thou willingly didst
For my sins injustice bear!
Deeply moved by Thy great love,
I give myself to Thee fore’er.
Thorn-crowned head and hanging body,
Piercèd hands and wounded side,
God-forsaken, swarmed by spirits,
Cruelly mocked and crucified.
From the cross Thou didst not jump
Nor seek angelic rescue plans;
Placed Thyself at others’ mercy,
Thus fulfilling God’s demands.
Spotless Lamb, Thy body broken
Caused the sun its face to hide.
Veil thus rent, a new way’s opened,
Bringing sinners to God’s side.