Have you found the great Physician

Have you found the great Physician,
  Jesus Christ of Galilee?
He who bore our pain and sorrow,
  On the shameful, cruel tree?
Still He heals the sick and suff’ring,
  As before He went away;
For His word most plainly tells us,
  “He is just the same today.”
  He is just the same today;
As before He went away.
Look to Him, believe and pray;
Trust His word and then obey.
  “Praise God, He is just the same today.”
Consecrate your life to Jesus,
  Spirit, soul, and body too;
For “the Lord is for the body,”
  Every pow’r He gave to you.
Let there be no reservation,
  Give the Lord full right of way;
He will come and heal His temple,
  For He is the same today.
Do you doubt God’s will to heal you?
  Take His word and ask for light;
If you seek in deep contrition,
  He will guide your heart aright.
Do not fear to claim His promise,
  He will not your trust betray;
When on earth He gladly healed them,
  And He is the same today.
Oh! I’m glad to tell you, suff’rer,
  Christ has more than healing too;
Life abundant overflowing,
  He will gladly give to you.
Step out boldly, claim His fulness,
  Let your sadness flee away;
When on earth He made them joyful,
  And He is the same today.

Surrey, BC, Canada

Wow! What a beautiful song! I'm in tears. Thank You dear Lord for healing our broken hearts and always being there for us. Your love is too much for me to fathom.

Erastus Too

Nairobi, Rift Valley, Kenya

While we've sinned He bored our transgressions!

Kitty Joubert

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

"He is just the same today"

Letesha Parker

Manchester, NH, United States

Praise the Lord that we would see that the Lord is Life and sweet unto us today. If we will just taste and see that the Lord is good to all who call upon His Name.