I’m so full of joy, I want to tell you, friend

I’m so full of joy, I want to tell you, friend,
At last I’m genuinely free!
My sadness, suff’rings, sorrows all have fled
Since on the Lord I’ve believed!
He is not some creed I have to follow,
Nor some law that lays demands on me;
He’s God’s Son, He’s Jesus, our salvation,
Flows love and life abundantly.
He’s unlocked the prison, set the captives free,
From death to life delivered me.
Now I soar the heavens as on eagles’ wings,
For Jesus is my freedom true.
So vast this joy! Each day my heart must sing:
“I have enough; I have You!”
Friend, where can you find another like Him?
In His love He’s waited for so long!
While His loving heart is open, wouldn’t you
Come forward, trust Him with your all?
In the freedom of the glory of God’s sons
Your heart will sing a glad new song!

Bangkok, Thailand

Hallelujah! I want to tell you friend that I am genuinely free!!! What a joy we have from Jesus!!


Praise the Lord

Nathan David Reilly

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

The Life-Giving Friend, is full of glory, with unspeakable riches of Christ

Peggy Lee

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

Thank You God, thank You Jesus for all Your love to me and my family.

Thank You Lord for Your forgiveness that I am free from all the sin's bondage. I am filled with joy and peace. This music is awesome!

Dear friends, come and rejoice with the Lord for our sins have been forgiven!

For the Lord Jesus is our salvation.


Alapuzha, Kerala, India

I want to say about my sadness. My sadness is that I am very fearful about my 12 result. I didn't know what I wrote in maths, phy, chem, bio, eng, so I am very sad to tell my problem to anyone. Parents are crying about this sadness. So Jesus help my problem.


Auckland, North Shore, New Zealand

Thank You Lord for Your redemptive love that frees me from sin's bondage. My heart leaps for joy! Friends come and join me in the family of Christ and taste His unfailing goodness!

Fenry Sinurat

Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia

Thanks to God because He give us the musician to make good songs. Don't forget to pray for me in order obey to Him.


Markham, Ontario, Canada

Thank you "hymnal.net" for providing the English/Chinese version of this song for us to type in gospel meeting bulletin, and the tune for the saints to practice before gospel meeting.