The wedding feast, the peak of man’s enjoyment

The wedding feast, the peak of man’s enjoyment
Was full of pleasure till the wine ran dry.
The human life, like wine, is soon exhausted,
Till Jesus comes, divine life to supply.
  When Jesus comes, new wine is made from water,
When Jesus comes, the darkness turns to light.
He touches death—it’s turned to life eternal,
  Weakness to strength and blindness into sight.
One night a moral righteous man, a ruler
To Jesus came, more teaching to pursue;
But teachings ne’er could change the fallen nature,
So Jesus said, “You must be born anew.”
“I have no husband,” sighed the thirsty sinner.
Indeed her many husbands left her dry.
Daily she came to draw the failing water
Till Jesus came, her thirst to satisfy.
A man among the multitude lay helpless,
So weak while waiting till the water stirred.
Religion of the law could never heal him;
Then Jesus came and spoke the living word.
Within the tomb, four days and nights he lay there,
Death’s grip had come; they ’round the grave did weep.
Silent he lay, all bound and wrapped in grave clothes;
Then Jesus came, and woke him from his sleep.
And still today, this Jesus is so living,
Able to save from death in any form.
Now open up your heart and call upon Him;
To you He’ll come, in spirit you’ll be born.
Ping & Dan

Leuven, Belgium

Now open up our heart and call upon Him: Oh Lord Jesus!

He’ll come to us, and we’ll be born in spirit!


Long Beach, CAlifornia, United States

Let Jesus come into your boat!

There is no situation He cannot meet you in. He is waiting for you to invite Him In.


Hamilton, New Zealand

The Lord will never run dry. Praise the Lord! We just covered John chapter 2 in the training class this morning in the full time training in Hamilton.

Linda Lou Jones

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beautiful truthful message.

When Jesus comes...

I pray the Church is awake

And ready...



Bath, United Kingdom

Jesus meets all kinds of people's need! :) the moral, immoral, dying, impotent, hungry, thirsty, blind, sinnful, dead.......I need You, Lord. Only You are able to save us!