On toward the goal! Press on

“On toward the goal!” Press on!
  Alone, yet unafraid;
He cut the path, who beckons thee,
  On then, and undismayed.
“On toward the goal!” Press on!
  The eyes that are a flame
Are watching thee, what then are men?
  What matter praise, or blame?
“On toward the goal!” Press on!
  Look not behind thee now,
When just ahead lies His “Well done,”
  And crowns await thy brow.
“On toward the goal!” Press on!
  Blind, deaf and sometimes dumb
Along the blood-marked, uphill way,
  Hard after Christ, press on!
Joe Liao

Henderson, NV, United States

"I want nothing for myself; I want everything for the Lord. ”

“Lord, I am willing to break my heart in order that I may satisfy Thy heart”

Once someone asked Miss Barber, “What are the requirements to work for the Lord? ” She replied, “The requirement to work for the Lord is not to work. ”

Perfected Training, chapter 22 speaks the same message, "Just love the Lord and don't do anything."

Lord. may more saints see this vision so that You may have Your way, Amen!!!