All fair within those children of the light

All fair within those children of the light,
Though dark their brows beneath the desert sun;
Mysterious joys, far hidden from all sight,
The King of Glory giveth to each one;
  No thought of man has pictured them,
  No hand may touch that diadem;
  Within God’s light His own abide
  With hidden glory glorified.
To earthly eyes they are as Adam’s race—
They wear the earthly form, and scars of pain
On them as on all sinners leave their trace;
Their outward needs are those of other men.
  And theirs the forms of earthly life,
  Theirs sleeping, waking, want, and strife,
  Yet this they have that they despise
  What fairest seems to earthly eyes.
And inwardly their life is from above,
The Lord’s Almighty Word hath quickened them;
Flames kindled from the everlasting Love,
The children of the New Jerusalem;
  Their brethren are the saints in light,
  And songs of sweetness infinite
  They sing with them to God Most High,
  A deep and wondrous melody.
They walk upon the earth, and dwell in heaven,
Though pow’rless, guard the world with arms unseen;
Deep peace to them in midst of strife is given,
And all they wish they have, though poor and mean.
  Storms beat them, but may not destroy,
  Fast rooted in eternal joy;
  They walk as in the shade of death,
  Yet living on in silent faith.
When Christ their Life shall be made manifest,
When He shall come with all His pow’r to rule,
Their glory, hidden long, shall be confessed;
Arise and shine! O bright and beautiful!
  With Christ ye shall ascend on high,
  Victorious in His victory—
  The hidden light shall shine afar,
  Each saint an everlasting star.
Leif Larsen

Rochester, MN, United States

This hymn came to me first thing this morning. In the midst of all the fear and anxiety of this coronavirus virus oh, I was reminded of this him especially versus four and five. Saints in the light we do make a difference

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

As I considered Song of Songs 1:5, this hymn came to mind. As a loving seeker of Christ, I have a twofold status with many of the experiences described in this hymn. I am “black” but “comely”, as “the tents of Kedar” and “the curtains of Solomon”. My outward appearance is common and mean, having the rough look of an old worn out tent; yet inwardly I am living in union with my Beloved Christ adorned with the fine linen of royalty. “Our outward man is consumed, yet the inward is renewed day by day” (2 Cor. 4:16).

Todd Balisky

Corona, CA, United States

This song reminds to enjoy and treasure Christ our life, our hidden treasure. The outward things can be so distracting, even defrauding, but we will not be cheated from Christ our prize by hoping in things other than Him!


Butu-an City, Philippines

amen amen amen so much touchable song. Praise the Lord!