O Lamb of God, still keep me

O Lamb of God, still keep me
  Close to Thy wounded side;
’Tis only there in safety
  And peace I can abide.
What foes and snares surround me,
  What lusts and fears within;
The grace that sought and found me
  Alone can keep me clean.
’Tis only in Thee hiding
  I feel myself secure;
Only in Thee abiding,
  The conflict can endure;
Thine arm the victory gaineth
  O’er every hateful foe;
Thy love my heart sustaineth
  In all its care and woe.
Soon shall my eyes behold Thee,
  With rapture face to face;
One half hath not been told me
  Of all Thy power and grace;
Thy beauty, Lord, and glory,
  The wonders of Thy love,
Shall be the endless story
  Of all Thy saints above.
Marjorie Fowler

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States

The tune St. Christopher also works with this hymn by turning two verses into one verse.

Freeman Dryden

Terence Bay, NS, Canada

There is a much better tune, and the ONLY one I've encountered in 50 years as an O&CM. It is WELSH and I don't have access to my Cymanfa Ganu hymnal but the «code» begins:

321171233 5434321 :]

Another Welsh tune which suits the text quite well is PRYSGOL.


Stanwood, WA

This hymn really ministered to me in a time of great sorrow.