Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
One in Three, and Three in One,
As by the celestial host,
Let Thy will on earth be done;
Praise by all to Thee be giv’n,
Glorious Lord of earth and heav’n!
Vilest of the sinful race,
Lo, I answer to Thy call:
Meanest vessel of Thy grace,
Grace divinely free for all;
Lo, I come to do Thy will,
All Thy counsel to fulfil.
If so poor a worm as I,
May to Thy great glory live,
All my actions sanctify,
All my words and thoughts receive;
Claim me for Thy service, claim
All I have, and all I am.
Take my soul and body’s powers,
Take my mem’ry, mind, and will;
All my goods and all my hours,
All I know, and all I feel;
All I think, or speak, or do;
Take my heart, but make it new.
Now, O God, Thine own I am,
Now I give Thee back Thine own:
Freedom, friends, and health, and fame,
Consecrate to Thee alone;
Thine I live, thrice happy I;
Happier still when Thine I die.
Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Can a worm, like me, offer anything of value or pleasure to my blessed God? Yes! Whatever good I have, whatever love I have, and whatsoever praise I can offer to Him, is actually giving back to Him, what He has given to me. I did not originate anything. I cannot boast of myself or of my actions, but I can return the loving gift of Christ that I possess, and the abundant blessings of salvation in Christ that I have experienced, back to my God with an absolute and uncompromising love.

Aaron Brown

CA, United States

Not a bad hymn of Wesley's! Encouraging.

Benjamin M. Kwon

Seongnam, Kyoung-ki, South Korea

Holy Ghost?

In my opinion, this hymn need to edify this word 'Ghost'. Brothers in the Lord's recovery all do know what I say.