Let me come closer to Thee, Lord Jesus

Let me come closer to Thee, Lord Jesus,
  Oh, closer day by day;
Let me lean harder on Thee, Lord Jesus,
  Yes, harder, all the way.
Let me show forth Thy beauty, Lord Jesus,
  Like sunshine on the hills;
Oh, let my lips pour forth all Thy sweetness
  In joyous sparkling rills.
Yes, like a channel, precious Lord Jesus,
  Make me and let me be;
Keep me and use me daily, Lord Jesus,
  For Thee, for only Thee.
In all my heart and will, O Lord Jesus,
  Be altogether king;
Make me a loyal subject, Lord Jesus,
  To Thee in everything.
Thirsting and hungering for Thee, Lord Jesus,
  With blessed hunger here.
Longing for New Jerusalem’s fullness—
  No thirst, no hunger there.
Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

There are times when, as the two on the road to Emmaus, my heart burns with the presence and loving words of my Savior Jesus. Yet I find no words to express what is there in my heart. This hymn gave me words to release the fire of His love in prayer and praise to Him!