I need Jesus, my need I now confess

I need Jesus, my need I now confess;
No friend like Him in times of deep distress;
I need Jesus, the need I gladly own;
Though some may bear their load alone,
  Yet I need Jesus.
  I need Jesus, I need Jesus,
  I need Jesus every day;
Need Him in the sunshine hour,
Need Him when the storm-clouds low’r;
Every day along my way,
    Yes, I need Jesus.
I need Jesus, I need a friend like Him,
A friend to guide when paths of life are dim;
I need Jesus, when foes my soul assail;
Alone I know I can but fail,
  So I need Jesus.
I need Jesus, I need Him to the end;
No one like Him, He is the sinner’s friend;
I need Jesus, no other friend will do;
So constant, kind, so strong and true,
  Yes, I need Jesus.

A song for the season


The Villages, Florida, United States

I love this song! I heard it in chapel in Bible college almost 50 years ago. The words and melody come to me every so often. I sang it to myself tonight.... I needed it.

John Ritchie

Larne, ConAntrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

I have walked with my wonderful Saviour for more than 67 years, and He is more precious to me then ever. This hymn has been a blessing and an inspiration to me over the years. I certainly need Him as much now as ever before. He truly is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Thank You Lord Jesus.

Mary Hemmons

Kirkland, WA, United States

I must have learned this hymn in my youth in recent days the Holy Spirit has brought this hymn to mind now in my old age here at this rest home where I am living. I must have learned the words in my youth.

Bud Hicks

Athens, TX, United States

Is there a recording of someone singing this song for sale? Or free on Youtube?


Harrisburg, PA, United States

Haven't sung this song in church in years now but I just love the chorus and it comes to me intermittently through the years. Thank You Holy Spirit for bringing it to my mind and heart!


Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

Yes I need Him every single hour of my life. Without Him I am absolutely nothing.

Jon Evans

Perry Hall, MD

I had sung this beloved hymn as a child and then forgot about it. The Lord brought it back to my mind last month after an interval of almost 60 years. I will soon be sharing it with our senior adult Christian fellowship, most of whom are in their 90s, and wouldn't be surprised that some of them would know it. I appreciate the humble text which expresses that without Him we are nothing. The melody is easily sung because it is mostly stepwise and has the range of one octave. Thanks to Jane Palmer Baker for her comments cited below from more than 10 years ago.


Prilly, Vaud, Switzerland

Really I need Jesus. I need Him, I want Him, I am glad He made me with wonderful plans and purposes for me and He is with me to see me through the accomplishment of His plans and Purposes for my life to the manifestation of His glory and greatness to the whole world for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it, Amen. I am glad I have Him. He is with me now and holding my hand as I write. Seek Him for He is very near to you. How soothing it is to have Him. God bless you all. Amen.


Merritt Island, FL, United States

A friend of mine was walking behind my father in his home, and hearing him singing, videoed him. He was singing this song, which I had never heard before, but it was very appropriate, as my sister just went home to Heaven after more than 50 years of fighting rheumatiod arthritis. The words "no friend like Him in times of deep distress" were especially telling. Thank you for making this available!