I belong to Jesus

I belong to Jesus;
  I am not my own;
All I have and all I am
  Shall be His alone.
I belong to Jesus;
  He is Lord and King,
Reigning in my inmost heart
  Over everything.
I belong to Jesus;
  What can hurt or harm,
When He folds around my soul
  His almighty Arm?
I belong to Jesus;
  Blessed, blessed thought!
With His own most precious blood
  Has my soul been bought.
I belong to Jesus;
  He has died for me;
I am His and He is mine
  Through eternity.
I belong to Jesus;
  He will keep my soul,
If the deathly waters dark
  Round about me roll.
I belong to Jesus;
  And ere long I’ll be
With my precious Savior there
  In His royalty.
Adulley Amuzuah Alice

Accra, Greater Accra, Nigeria

I belong to him alone.


Praise the Lord


Manchester, Jamaica

Am not my own I belong to him thank You Lord because you bled and died for me so Father God I thank you for sparing my life to see a new year anf next ash Wednesday father God have your own way now Lord you are the potter and I am the clay so mold me and make me thank you JESUS THANK LORD


Tirane, Albania

I am His and He is mine

Through eternity.

Karen Holland

Thompson Station, Tennessee, United States

Hallelujah - I Am His!


Beijing, China

I belong to Jesus! I am His and He is mine!

Angela Oliva

Champaign, IL, United States

I am not my own. Hallelujah! I belong to Him! My all in all is for Christ alone. All I have and all I am is for Christ alone.

Bon Virata

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Praise the Lord!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Lord, even my future wife belongs to You.


Delta, Nigeria

Lord! I am Yours forever. Take my everything.


Nairobi, Kenya

Yes, indeed I belong to Jesus, He is my Lord and King, nothing can hurt or harm me, He died for me, I am His and He is mine, He will surely keep my soul... and I will be with my precious Saviour there in His royalty. This is encouraging to me, a child of God.