Christ has called us once to Him

Christ has called us once to Him,
But He calls us once again.
To His call we say Amen!
For the church has fallen low,
Thinking everything they know,
But the life is missing; so,
  Overcome! Overcome!
Overcome the degradation of the church!
All your working lay aside,
All the teachings that divide;
Eat the Lord whate’er betide—
Eating is man’s destiny
And the Lord’s recovery;
This defeats the enemy—
Come enjoy the tree of life,
Leave the doctrines, leave the strife!
Overcome by eating Christ—
Teachings ne’er transform the soul,
Teachings never reach God’s goal,
Eating Christ will do it all—
We must overcome to eat,
By ourselves and when we meet,
Eat Him as the feast complete—
Eating gives the manchild birth,
Eating brings the Lord to earth;
Eat Him now midst all the dearth—
Be the manchild Christ requires,
Thus the church that He desires,
Then the Bride that He admires—
Solomon Sika

Cape Coast, Central Region, Ghana

We must overcome to eat... Eating Christ will do it all... Thank you Lord Jesus!

Br. Jeff Hall

The Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Overcomers will turn the age. Christ is food to us! Praying will bring in the Kingdom. God will hear the constituted transformed saints who are in the Oneness, May all you saints be Nazarites!



When we are eating normally, we are healthy and well. Hallelujah, the tree of life in the garden of Eden symbolised Christ as food to man.


Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

Eating is man’s destiny

And the Lord’s recovery;

This defeats the enemy—



Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

We need to overcome by eating God.


Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Amen overcome degraded Christianity!

All our effort to have some kind of Christian life apart from Christ aa our person and life is degraded. It is just in thebold man and division we overcome this by eating Christ. by eating Christ we live by Him and live Him. This is the only life that is not divided and degraded. Christ Himself!

Rhoda Opoku

Rochester, New York, United States

Christ Jesus is our real food without any side effects. Hallelujah! What a Christ we have. Amen

Janet Owusu Ansah

Bronx, New York, United States

Amen! This is the Divine speaking we need in this difficult and degraded situation in the church and in the world! Eating Christ Jesus is the Only way out to Overcome! Amen! Thank You Lord Jesus!

Ryan Frierson

Moreno Valley, California, United States

Amen!!! Praise the Lord I couldn't have said it better!!!!! The only for us to overcome is just by taking the Lord each day as our bread!!! Hallelujah!!!!! Overcome!!!!!!

Emmanuel Torres

Yucaipa, CA, United States

Aaaaamen :)