We are the Hebrews! Praise the Lord

We are the Hebrews! Praise the Lord!
We’re from the other side.
Throughout our hist’ry we have passed
Through rivers deep and wide.
  Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
He has brought
All us river-crossing Hebrews
To the land, to build up
  The temple of our God.
Old Noah’s age was so corrupt,
In deep depravity;
So Noah passed across the flood—
That separating sea.
  Praise the Lord! He has brought
From the old
To a new recovered region
Where he built in this land
  An altar for his God.
Then Abraham was called apart,
For Godto take a stand;
So through the river he was led
Into a new, good land.
  Step by step he was led
From Chaldee
Through the river into Canaan,
That good land, there to be
  The servant of his God.
The Israelites in bondage were
To Pharaoh’s choking hand.
The God of Hebrews made a way
For them to leave that land.
  Through the sea, they all passed;
Egypt fell,
Hallelujah! In the good land
They built up God’s own house
  To satisfy His heart.
Then wand’ring through the wilderness,
The land they could not find;
Till through the Jordan they did pass
To leave themselves behind.
  Praise the Lord! In the land
They built up
God’s own temple. Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord! There they dwelt,
  His people and their God.
But then religion conquered all,
So John the Baptist came
And buried all beneath that flood.
The Jews were not the same.
  Buried all! Buried all!
Buried all!
Underneath the Jordan River
Buried all to become
  The Hebrews passing through.
Now in the church life, we have left
The world, religion too;
Now we’re the river-crossing ones,
Enjoying Christ so new!
  Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
We have passed
From the oldness, Hallelujah,
Into Christ—one new man.
  And now we’re one with Him!
O Lord, You’ve taken us across
The fiery sea of glass,
With all the worldly things beneath;
Across the sea we’ve passed.
  Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
Now we stand
As the Hebrews, Hallelujah,
On the sea! Praise the Lord!
  We’ve passed through everything!
Antipas Vadje

Tarkwa, Western Region, Ghana

Praise the Lord we are the Hebrews. Passing through the waters, we leave our natural things aside and come out as new creations. Hallelujah we have passed through everything.......Praise the Lord.