Through God’s word, my hope at His returning

Through God’s word, my hope at His returning
Is that all my being be redeemed;
Yet in times of grief and tribulation,
Doubt and fear arise, no hope is seen.
In those hours, when prayer cannot be uttered,
Only groaning from my breast is heard.
Then the Spirit, in like manner, helps me,
Praying in my weakness unto God.
Lord, my prayer is not for deeper suffering,
But that from each trial I’d be free.
Let the cup of bitterness be taken;
Yet, Thy will, not mine, dear Lord, must be.
Even now, though trials sore surround me,
Still within my heart there is a peace,
For the love of God outpoured within me
Floods my heart and bids my doubting cease.
Blest assurance! God has fully ordered
Every matter by His sovereign hand;
Every person (though we see so dimly),
Every thing’s according to His plan.
Every trial is but the Father’s answer
To the groaning of the Spirit’s prayer;
May He gain in every tribulation,
Until we Christ’s glory fully share.
How could God from all His dealings spare us,
After He spared not His only Son?
Could the Potter’s hand upon the vessel
Ever leave the shaping work undone?
For the center of God’s heart’s desire
Is that many brethren we will be
Unto Christ, His precious First-begotten,
And to Him, conformed we’ll fully be.
Heirs of God! Joint-heirs with our Lord Jesus!
What a hope of glory this for us!
Though the suff’rings presently seem grievous,
Greater far the glory then for us!
Yea, in all these things we more than conquer,
Through the One whose love has us possessed;
Soon the day for which waits all creation,
When the sons of God are manifest!
Angela Oliva

Irvine, CA, United States

Amen! Everything is according to His plan and every trial is but the Father's prayer! Lord do gain us day by day! Make us willing to be broken and manifest Your glorious treasure within us earthen vessels!


United States

"O Lord Jesus this hymn is my prayer to You!"

Enjoyed this hymn very much and was not only comforted but also strengthened by The Lord to press on! What a wonderful hope of glory we have in Him as promised in His word! Being reminded of this in the midst of sufferings is such an encouragement to keep looking away unto the Author and Perfecter of our faith.


Hong Kong, China

Thank You Lord,Your words full promise that strengthen us day by day. Deepen our experience of You, so that we might see the beauty of Thy grace. I love You Lord.

Jack Doshier, Sr

United States

Beautiful tune and words--I can't find the lyric's author's name.


Iza Nolasco


I found this song accidentally, but I think, God really intended me to find this one. I am comforted and touched!