In the Word of old, we are clearly told

In the Word of old, we are clearly told,
  In His image God created man.
To express His worth, to subdue the earth,
  Have dominion and fulfill His plan.
  Image, image,
In His image He created man.
  Image, image,
For dominion, to fulfill His Plan.
Yet no rules He gave, no instructions, save:
  “Every tree shall be to thee for meat.”
But one tree, He said, surely makes you dead;
  Fruit of knowledge isn’t good to eat.
  Knowledge, knowledge,
Fruit of knowledge wasn’t meant for meat.
  Knowledge, knowledge,
Fruit of knowledge isn’t good to eat.
Midst the garden fair, see the life tree there—
  God Himself the tree of life does show.
But the enemy, somehow subtly
  Tempted man the other tree to know.
  Fallen, fallen,
Man has eaten of the deadly tree.
  Fallen, fallen,
Man requires a full recovery.
Then came Jesus Christ as the tree of life,
  Satisfying all that God required.
He redeemed the earth, giving man new birth,
  And became the food that man desired.
  Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus Christ is really good to eat.
  Jesus, Jesus,
He is real drink and real meat.
Jesus ne’er designed e’er to feed our mind;
  All good knowledge only puffeth up.
But He came, He said, as a feast instead,
  Not to analyze, but only sup.
  Take Him, take Him,
Wholly satisfying, glorious.
  Take Him, take Him,
Jesus is the tree of life to us.
As we eat the Lord, growth He does afford,
  Life and numbers soon will be increased.
We must clearly see God’s recovery—
  Christ is not religion, but a feast.
  Eat Him, eat Him,
Christ as life is all the food we need.
  Eat Him, eat Him,
He who eateth Him shall live indeed.
Eating is the way to live Christ today,
  Of the eating there should be no lack.
As the churches eat, they become complete,
  Eating Christ will bring the Bridegroom back.
  Eating, eating,
Of our eating there must be no lack.
  Eating, eating,
Eating Christ will bring the Bridegroom back.
Stephen R

TX, United States

We must take Him as our full supply!

Reminds me of another hymn but I can’t put my finger on it.

Anna Salazar

Irvine, CA, United States

Christ is the real food! Thank You, Lord, for making Yourself so accessible to us!

David Rodda

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


Christ is the end of the law unto righteousness to everyone who believes (Romans 10:4)

The Christian life is about what we eat (we eat and enjoy Christ!), not really about anything else that we do (law). If we are asking the Lord what we should do, we may be short of Christ, and we should eat Him, enjoy Him more.

God is our portion (Psalm 16:5), we have the right to partake of Him because of the Lord's shed blood (Matthew 26:27-28), God's desire for us today is mainly that we enjoy His Son! And nothing else will satisfy our deepest hunger.

'Eat Him, eat Him,

Christ as life is all the food we need.

Eat Him, eat Him,

He who eateth Him shall live indeed.'


I want to give you another illustration of how we should never be contented with what we have. In John 6:57 the Lord tells us, "he who eats Me shall also live because of Me." A few hymns in our hymnal tell us that "eating is the way." We must ask ourselves what the eating way is. How do we eat Jesus? In my writings I have only given you a small amount of information on this subject. Because I did not give you an adequate definition of the way to eat Jesus, you must study this point. To fully understand this point you must take care of the entire context of John 6:57. In verse 63 the Lord says, "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words which I have spoken unto you are spirit and are life." This indicates that to eat Jesus is to receive Him into us as life. This corresponds with the principle of eating. Eating is to receive some organic nourishment into your being as your life. Eating is to take in the life supply. Some might say that it is heretical to say that people can eat Jesus. The Bible, however, says to eat Jesus.

We must realize that to eat Jesus is a figure of speech. It indicates that we need Jesus as our life supply so we receive Him into us as life supply just as we eat food. The Lord uses bread to illustrate that He is the life supply by saying that He is the bread of life (John 6:48). We eat bread by receiving it into our organic body, by digesting it into our blood, fibers and tissue. Therefore, to eat Jesus is to receive Him into our being. He is the Spirit and the Spirit is in the Word, so we have to take His Word by exercising our spirit. Then we receive the Spirit in the Word. This is Jesus becoming our inner life supply. Here we could see the way to eat Jesus.

Chapter six of John also indicates the Lord's death, that is, His being slain. Verse 54 tells us that His blood is drinkable and that His flesh is eatable. Here flesh and blood are mentioned separately. When blood is separate from flesh, it indicates death. This helps us further to see how to eat Jesus. To eat Jesus means to receive the crucified and resurrected Christ through His Word by exercising our spirit to receive the life-giving Spirit as our life supply.

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