We praise Thee, O Lord Jesus, Thou didst come

We praise Thee, O Lord Jesus, Thou didst come,
The way into God’s presence to reveal.
We worship Thee that Thou didst leave Thy throne,
To come as our High Priest with sin to deal.
Lord Jesus, Thou hast offered Thine own blood,
And settled once for all our peace with God.
Thy blood has now been sprinkled on the throne
In full redemption for Thy people’s sin.
The sweetness of the love that Thou hast shown
Has ris’n to fill the holiest place within.
And by the blood once offered in that place
God flows to us in mercy and in grace.
Yet, Lord, Thou camest not just to atone,
But Thou didst come and bear our sins away.
We, with a conscience purged, approach the throne,
For all our sins were laid on Thee that day.
Thou, separated from the Father’s face,
Didst pay the awful price for us in grace.
The way into God’s presence thus is cleared,
For ransomed sinners who have heard Thy call.
Thou, Lord, hast taken all that we had feared
When Thou didst shed Thy blood and give Thine all;
Our heart in grateful praise to Thee we bind,
And now our life in Thee alone we find.
Theo Williamson

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Amen, brethren and sisthren


Atlanta, GA, United States

Amen sister


Atlanta, GA

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