Life at best is very brief

Life at best is very brief,
Like the falling of a leaf,
Like the binding of a sheaf,
    Be in time!
Fleeting days are telling fast
That the die will soon be cast,
And the fatal line be passed,
    Be in time!
  Be in time! Be in time!
While the voice of Jesus calls you,
  Be in time!
If in sin you longer wait,
You may find no open gate,
And your cry be just too late:
    Be in time!
Fairest flowers soon decay,
Youth and beauty pass away;
O you have not long to stay,
    Be in time!
While God’s Spirit bids you come,
Sinner, do not longer roam,
Lest you seal your hopeless doom,
    Be in time!
Time is gliding swiftly by,
Death and judgment draweth nigh,
To the arms of Jesus fly,
    Be in time!
O I pray you count the cost!
Ere the fatal line be crossed,
And your soul in hell be lost,
    Be in time!
Sinner, heed the warning voice,
Make the Lord your final choice,
Then all heaven will rejoice,
    Be in time!
Come from darkness into light;
Come, let Jesus make you right;
Come, receive His life tonight,
    Be in time!


Beautiful tune, powerful words! A great reminder of the reality of all mankind - the inevitability of death and God's judgment. May God help us to live for Him and may we be found worthy to live with Him forever in heaven.

Russ Potter

Pocatello, Idaho, United States

I have known for quite some time that my days are numbered, but I reckon that my days are even more numbered than I think.

Repent and believe the Gospel of Christ. 1 Corinthians 15

Livingstone Dogara

Kaduna, Nigeria

I woke up this morning singing the chorus, but it is the second stanza that caught my eye... Hmmmm, no matter what we have or who we think we are, all is fleeting, just be in time when Jesus calls you.

Abugu Sebastine Chukwudi

Lagos, Enugu State, Nigeria

Life is good and sweet . One thing I know is that one day I will die and I don't know the day .

Second one is that one day I will stand before my God to give account of my life.

Today is my day tomorrow may not come I live for Jesus Christ my hope .


Mombasa, Kenya

It can never be more true. Do not harden your voice today....... you never know when you life on earth will end


Nairobi, Kenya

This song is a reminder that the only source of our life is God. For He laid His precious life for me I have to live every moment for Him for I don't know how much of that time I have left.

Joshua Nyaribo

Nairobi, Kenya

Indeed life at its best is short..

Like Absalom may we not find ourselves too late!

Daniel Ibrahim

Jos, Plateau, Nigeria

We should be ready in time before it will be too late this is the time that we have now that Jesus is calling us

Tony Kirimi

Mombasa, Kenya

Wonderful message, don't linger when the voice of Jesus calls you.


Senepati, Manipur, India

Our life is indeed very short. So while we are here for a short time, let us all praise and thanks him for all what He has given us. Thank you Lord.