All English children call Him, Lord

All English children call Him, “Lord,”
And all the Spanish say, “Senor,”
With all the Germans who call Him, “Herr.”
They are calling His name everywhere.
“O Shuyo,” call the Japanese,
“O Tju Ah,” echo the Chinese,
“O Hallelujah,” they all exclaim.
In each land they are praising His Name.
Children are meeting in Brazil,
Canada, Mexico, Taiwan,
England, New Zealand, and Germany.
Hear them all, as they sing joyfully.
Aaron Thompson

Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Hallelujah we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Rose Ann Baliquig

Batangas, Philippines

Anywhere, and everywhere even any time we can call upon His name...O Lord Jesus....


Mombasa, Coast, Kenya

And all Kenyan kids call him Bwana.

Ted Evans

San Diego, CA, United States

I love the Lord. He is so good to provide us with so great salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. I love Him so much.


Key Biscayne, Florida, United States

Being a kid, I usualy listen to other songs like from Pitbull, Rihanna and Bruno Mars, but this is the first one that has a true meaning! My grandma showed me this page. I love it.


United States

How do you pronounce these words?

Channel Hayao

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hallelujah for this song!! wherever we are we can call on His name...O LORD JESUS...O GINOONG HESUS!!

Jemina Tuboro

Pasig, Philippines

Praise the Lord. I enjoy this hymn very much.

Eni Silva

Framingham, Massachusetts, United States

Amem! Praise the Lord! Louvado seja o Senhor!!!


Yerevan, Armenia

Oh, I really enjoyed this song greatly!

And we call the Lord Ter in Armenian.