Dearest Lord, You’ve called us here

Dearest Lord, You’ve called us here,
And opened up Your heart.
O the joy to hear Your call
And enter in the Ark.
Saving us from day to day
O Lord, this is Your way.
In Yourself we stay afloat,
Above this wicked age today.
  Thank You Lord, in Your eyes we find grace,
And with open hearts we come to You.
Regardless what our friends might say to us or do,
O Lord Jesus, we love You.
Seeking of this age to taste,
And of it have a part.
If we only knew, dear Lord,
The ways we grieve Your heart.
We would come and turn to You
With a repenting heart,
And would give ourselves to be
With you, O Lord, inside the Ark.
Praise You Lord, we’re safe in You;
Outside death-waters pour.
Many things that I once loved
Are on the ocean floor.
Keep us open to You Lord,
Don’t let us miss the mark.
Hallelujah, praise the Lord,
We’re here within the church, the Ark.

Hong Kong, China

"No matter what our friends say to us or do, oh Lord Jesus we love You." As a student, it's really hard for me sometimes to declare my faith when school life is so worldly, I need His grace in order to love Him no matter what my friends say to me or do to me. Amen.

Jamaico Borjie

Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines

Amen. I love You Lord.

Felix Intelegando

Iligan City, Philippines

Thank You Lord... In Your eyes we find Grace...


Pandan, Catanduanes, Philippines

Lord, keep us open to You and don't let us miss the mark in enjoying You. Thank You Lord in Your eyes I find grace. Amen.

Jeramel Doyugan

Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Thank You, Lord for always calling us to be one with You in spirit. Forgive us for not giving heed to Your call sometimes.

Venus May Padilla Ompod

Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

Thank You, Lord!!!!

Roniel Palamos

Valenzuela, Manila, Philippines

Praise the Lord for opening our hearts and for letting us go inside the ark (the church). Lord Jesus, You may continue to enlighten us to pursue You and gain You everyday. Lord, thank You for Your wonderful grace given to us and we are safe in You always. O Lord Jesus I love You...


Kampala, Uganda

Wow, I love this song and reading thru the saints' sharing am more impressed with it esp David Beach's sharing. We need the Body, we cannot easily stay afloat above this wicked age on our own, while pursuing with the saints we are kept, and are stirred to lay every thing on the ocean floor. Dearest Lord You've called us here and opened up Your heart, praise You dearest Lord.

Bobby Hernando

Manila, Malabon, Philippines

it's a very nice song praise God! for that.

David Beach

Beltsville, MD, United States

This song has two particularly engaging aspects: first, while it is simply written, it bears a deep level of experience in seeing how the Lord operates. Starting with a simple prayer of thanks, it recognizes (in verse two) that we sometimes "taste of the world," and fail. Yet, "all the things that we once loved are on the ocean floor." The final verse ends with the reminder that we are "in the church, the ark." The second aspect is that these experiences, though recognized and gained by us, are not simply individual experiences. Throughout the song, the words used reflect the corporate aspect. Words such as "us," and "we," remind us that entering, experiencing and remaining in the Ark--the church--is indeed a corporate experience which we cannot expect to do on our own. How we need not only a deeper understanding of what the Lord has done in saving us, but also a richer set of experiences of the Body life, as we pursue in the safety of the Ark, today in the church life.