Only Love Prevails

If I speak in tongues of men
And angels that are heaven sent,
To treasure gifts this child enjoyed
Without love I only pass
As clanging cymbals and sounding brass;
To give a sound, yet life devoid.

If by prophecy I’d share,
Mysteries sages would declare,
All my knowledge won’t compare to love;
For only love prevails.
  Love, love, love prevails.
Whether tongues will cease or knowledge fails,
We know in part what will be unveiled.
God is love, and only love prevails.
Love prevails,
Only Love prevails.
If my faith makes mountains move,
And loveless works my power prove,
Would it ever mean a thing?
If I dole out all I own
To feed the hungry in lands unknown,
Would my boast a profit bring?

Love is patient; love is kind;
Jealous boasting, love declines.
On account of evil love is blind,
For only love prevails.