Bitter Sweet

Moses saw the vision of the tree,
He cast the tree, made bitter sweet;
Though often circumstances make me weep,
Christ the Tree makes bitter sweet!

Jesus hung upon the cross for me,
Died for me…. bitter sweet;
God turned the bitter waters into sweet,
He cast the tree, made bitter sweet.
Hannah prayed, though treated bitterly,
Consecrated thoroughly;
She gave up Samuel just to meet God’s need….
Overcomers corp’rately;

Jesus gave Himself upon the tree,
Overcoming One in me;
And Jesus took all bitterness from me!
What release, He’s so sweet!
Jesus offers to all those in need,
Drink of Me, water sweet!
Christ’s death and resurrection sets us free
As we feed on Christ the Tree!

In the New Jerusalem we see,
Christ the Tree built in me,
And flowing from the throne eternally,
God’s divine economy.
Seng Toh

Washington, DC, United States

Excellent experiential hymn