In The Church

In the Church we are living as one
To express the love of Christ the Son!
(Brothers:) We are one!
(Sisters:) We are one!
In the Body and in spirit we are one!
In the Church, fellowship in the Lord
Is the way to walk in one accord!
(Brothers:) Fellowship!
(Sisters:) Fellowship!
Blending with the saints and building day by day!
What a joy when we open our home
To receive the saints; God’s love is shown!
(Brothers:) What a joy!
(Sisters:) What a joy!
That an open home is where we’re built today!
Thank You Lord, through Your great love of man
You’ve revealed to us Your perfect plan!
(Brothers:) By Your grace!
(Sisters:) By Your grace!
We have seen the vision of the church today!
Kim Seer

Gen Tri, Philippines

What a joy to see the oneness in the Body.

Jacques Wilmore

Penn Hills, PA, United States

We are one in fellowship.

We are blended with joy by His grace. AMen.

Julie Monteseven

Tubod, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Thank You dear Lord, we are one!!

Charmaine Reed

Springfield, Virginia, United States


Matthew D Fritz

Centerville, OH, United States

We have seen the vision of the church today! Hallelujah! What a joy!

Moses and Michelle Liu

Fairfax, VA, United States

What a JOY to sing this new hymn!! We especially enjoy singing about opening our homes. Oh Lord, do this more in us today! Build us up together in our homes!