In The Church

In the Church we are living as one
To express the love of Christ the Son!
(Brothers:) We are one!
(Sisters:) We are one!
In the Body and in spirit we are one!
In the Church, fellowship in the Lord
Is the way to walk in one accord!
(Brothers:) Fellowship!
(Sisters:) Fellowship!
Blending with the saints and building day by day!
What a joy when we open our home
To receive the saints; God’s love is shown!
(Brothers:) What a joy!
(Sisters:) What a joy!
That an open home is where we’re built today!
Thank You Lord, through Your great love of man
You’ve revealed to us Your perfect plan!
(Brothers:) By Your grace!
(Sisters:) By Your grace!
We have seen the vision of the church today!
Charmaine Reed

Springfield, Virginia, United States


Matthew D Fritz

Centerville, OH, United States

We have seen the vision of the church today! Hallelujah! What a joy!

Moses and Michelle Liu

Fairfax, VA, United States

What a JOY to sing this new hymn!! We especially enjoy singing about opening our homes. Oh Lord, do this more in us today! Build us up together in our homes!