Praise the Lord, God sent His Son

Praise the Lord, God sent His Son,
And salvation’s work was done,
Glory to God!
God Himself became a man,
So that we might live in Him.
  That’s why I call on Him,
I give my all to Him.
For us He was crucified,
For the many, one Man died,
Glory to God!
One grain fell into the earth,
Many grains to bring to birth.
He arose in victory,
From the grave, triumphantly,
Glory to God!
Now in resurrection He
As the Spirit lives in me.
Call on Him from deep within,
Just by calling, He comes in,
Glory to God!
Once you call upon His name,
Nevermore you’ll be the same.
  We all must call on Him,
We give our all to Him.
Samuel Chiu

Zamboanga City, Philippines

Calling on His name is the simplest way for us to enjoy Him and give our whole being to Him.

Samuel Chiu

Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

God sent His only begotten Son... For our Salvation. So that we might live in Him. That's why we must LOVE Him and Give our all to Him!!!

Clare Lin

Cerritos, CA, United States

Praise the Lord! Just by calling, He comes in! Every day, we are becoming His very duplications on earth! We are being made into this glorious, wonderful One!