The Holding Center

He bears the whole universe;
He can bear my little heart;
The image of the Invisible,
Revealing all God’s heart.
All things cohere, subsist in Him,
The Holding Center, Keeper strong.
The universe His worth proclaims:
Christ as reality, its song.
Through His Word, all things have life;
Everything, of Him, to Him;
And in the heavens now, He stands
Lord of Lords, King of Kings.
In Him we live, in Him we move;
In Him we are, have life and breath.
In wisdom great He metes the earth,
Apportions each their hill and heath.
This One and I—unified,
Mingled and incorporate—
He bears me in His mighty hand—
On Him my hope is set.
The universe in which I live
Is sometimes turbulent with storm,
But all I wish to see therein—
His mighty, lovely, lordly form.
Julie Monteseven

He bears the whole universe! Lord, how could You not bear my little heart? The universe in which I live, Lord, its sometimes turbulent with storm. But all I wish to see therein, Your mighty, lovely, Lordly form!

Anjel Morgan

Edinburg, Texas, United States

Through His Word all things have life; everything of Him, to Him! Thank You Lord Jesus, You are the very Holding Center of the universe and our personal universe!

Wendy Brenda

Rockville, MD, United States

He bears the whole universe;

He can bear my little heart!

CSULA team don’t forget :D