He Himself Is Our Peace

  He Himself is our peace,
He who made both into one.
Peace with God, peace with man,
All the enmity is gone.
Peace within, peace without,
Through Himself and for His plan.
Peace is Christ, and He’s in us,
We are now the one new man!
  Abolishing in His flesh,
Commandments in the ordinances.
That He might make the two
In Himself into one new man.
Making peace!
Making peace!
In Himself and through the cross,
Making peace!
Making peace!
We are now the one new man.
Maria L.

Fremont, CA, United States

Praise the Lord! Peace is Christ, and He’s in us, We are now the one new man! The only Way to have Peace is to Enjoy Christ every day !!!



I really like this song! I was looking for scriptures songs for Ephesians and this was perfect. I love the melody too! Amen, because of what Christ accomplished on the cross, all the enmity is gone. And we are now the one new man! Praise Him!

I recorded a guitar cover of this song here for anyone who might need help learning the song: www. youtube. com/watch? v=gswlRzskXVE

Samuel Bibby

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Where there is faith

There is love

Where there is love

There is PEACE

Where there is PEACE

There is God

Where there is God

There is no need

Brother Witness Lee