Christ Has Proclaimed the Jubilee

I was so full, but still so poor,
Still empty as I grasped for more.
Then I received the glorious Christ;
He’s now my portion, grace, and life!
  Christ has proclaimed the jubilee,
This age of grace, for you and me!
Return to Him, be filled and free
Here in the church, our family!
Intending good, but failing still,
I slaved for sin against my will.
But Christ redeemed, enlivened me,
Replaced my bonds with liberty!
I wandered far and found no home;
If not my feet, my heart did roam.
But I have found my family—
Christ and the church—a place for me!
Let us proclaim the jubilee,
Announce good news, set captives free!
Trumpet salvation to all men—
God is our portion once again!
Verse and chorus can be sung together.

Saipan, Commonwealth Of The Northern Marianas, Northern Mariana Islands

Such grace! Such enduring love of the Father!