This Is the Year of Jubilee

The Lord has given freedom
To all who just believe Him.
Be no longer enslaved.
Come now! Return to Jesus.
Receive the Life that frees us!
Call on Him and be saved.
  This is the year of jubilee!
Proclaim our liberty in Him!
Throughout the land we sound out:
The slaves have been returned to Him,
Released from toil, anxiety, and sin!
This is the year of jubilee!
Reclaim the land, our portion,
God as our rich possession.
Feast on Him ev’ry day!
Enjoy Him with God’s fam’ly;
Find satisfaction and peace.
Here forever to stay!
Valbona Balla

Tirane, Albania

Feast on Him every moment

Emily, Sara, Rachael, Kleay

Seattle, United States

Just sang this song together at 11 at night! Rejoice the Lord always!


Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Amen This the Year of the Jubilee


Katy, TX, United States

Reclaim the land, our portion God as our rich possession.



Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Receive the life that frees us! Call on Him and be saved! Oh Lord Jesus!

Abraham Romero

Edinburg, Texas, United States

Here forever to stay!

Priscilla Feliciano

Irving, TX, United States

Come now! Return to Jesus!




Elijah Moh

Union City, California, United States

God as our rich possession! We can feed on Him everyday!

Phoebe He

Anaheim, CA, United States

This song was very enjoyable and it helped the yp at our SSOT release their spirit.