Grant Me a Vision

  This is my prayer, Lord:
Open my heart, Lord.
I want to hear what You say.
Open my spirit.
Open my soul, Lord.
I give myself; have Your way.
Grant me a vision,
Clear revelation, Lord, I pray.
I want You to
Speak words of life, Lord,
Into my being fresh today,
That I may be
Able to see You
And all You want to be in me.
Lord, I want to live You.
Wash me and cleanse me.
Set me apart for You.
O Lord, Your earthen vessel I would be.

Springfield, Missouri, United States

PTL! This is our prayer, LORD, set us apart for YOU, grant us such a vision controling and ruling of our being and living, we love YOU LORD JESUS...

Valbona Balla

Tirane, Albania

O Lord, Your earthen vessel I would be.