The Age of Jubilee!

In the Day of Expiation
Blow the horn of liberty!
It’s Jehovah’s Word to Israel
To announce the Jubilee!
Each one to his land return
And to his own lost family!
It’s the fiftieth Sabbath
And a time of rest and ecstasy!
Christ appeared to usher in
The glorious age of Jubilee!
He brought God to men,
And from the hold of Satan set them free!
Eyes He opened, hearts He mended,
Burdened sinners He released!
‘Tis the season of salvation
Purposed from eternity!
Rise up, Christians, go and open
People’s eyes that they may see!
Turn them to God from their darkness
And His foe’s authority!
Sins’ forgiveness
And a portion of the saints they will receive!
Sanctified by faith to taste
The blessing of God’s Jubilee!