Eternal Blessing

From God Triune comes blessing eternal;
Father, Son, Spirit, our portion free;
What gift of favor, what staying power;
What wealth of grace, O what perfect peace!
Eternal Father, source of each blessing,
Bestowed in Christ from heaven above;
In Your name keep us, with Your hand hold us;
From evil shield us, safe in Your love!
Eternal Son, rose as the morning sun;
God in the flesh brought glory and grace;
Be gracious to us, do shine upon us;
Grant us Your presence, show us Your face!
Eternal Spirit, countenance lifting,
Dispensed into us as joy and peace;
Your eyes assure us, Your gaze approves us;
Your smiling visage, our guarantee!
Praise to You, Father, for Your mighty care;
Praise to You, Son, for Your wondrous grace;
Praise to You, Spirit, for measureless peace;
Blessing eternal, ours to embrace!
The love of God, the grace of Christ Jesus,
Fellowship of the Spirit divine;
Be with us all, and be with us ever;
Blessing and praise shall now intertwine!
Larah Anselm

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Jehovah bless us and keep us.

Jehovah make His face shine upon us.

Jehovah lift up His countenance on us.

Jehovah write His name on our faces.

This is the TRUE blessing. This is eternal.

I love you Triune God

Tom Combiths

United States

The Triune God blesses and the blessed spontaneously praise!!!

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Praise You Triune God! When One is moving, all Three are operating!!

Joyce Mira

North York, On, Canada

AMEN! Eternal blessing really comes from the Triune God dispense into us as joy and peace.