Eternal Blessing

From God Triune comes blessing eternal;
Father, Son, Spirit, our portion free;
What gift of favor, what staying power;
What wealth of grace, O what perfect peace!
Eternal Father, source of each blessing,
Bestowed in Christ from heaven above;
In Your name keep us, with Your hand hold us;
From evil shield us, safe in Your love!
Eternal Son, rose as the morning sun;
God in the flesh brought glory and grace;
Be gracious to us, do shine upon us;
Grant us Your presence, show us Your face!
Eternal Spirit, countenance lifting,
Dispensed into us as joy and peace;
Your eyes assure us, Your gaze approves us;
Your smiling visage, our guarantee!
Praise to You, Father, for Your mighty care;
Praise to You, Son, for Your wondrous grace;
Praise to You, Spirit, for measureless peace;
Blessing eternal, ours to embrace!
The love of God, the grace of Christ Jesus,
Fellowship of the Spirit divine;
Be with us all, and be with us ever;
Blessing and praise shall now intertwine!
Joyce Mira

North York, On, Canada

AMEN! Eternal blessing really comes from the Triune God dispense into us as joy and peace.