Drink Offering

Who can match the “waste” He tendered,
Willingly so much surrender?
Who can count the fruit of His labor?
Who else can such rich harvest render?
Though all drank, the cup’s o’erflowing;
Though all ate, the table’s loaded;
He sought nothing, yet caused others’ blessing,
Ne’er sought payment, to others dispensing.
Free from bondage and frustration,
Free from sorrow and vexation,
E’er outpouring, love bestowing,
Ever surging, ever o’erflowing.

To flow out this life, He was willing to taste death,
To be broken that resurrection’s fragrance spread.
These are just the footsteps You left behind,
Quietly calling, “Follow Me.”
From their shining faces we can see
Just how glorious this path’s end will be.

I’ve clearly counted the cost to take this way,
And gladly now all for You lay down today;
Just a drink offering, joy to others I’d bring,
Ceaselessly pouring out through all my days;
Let me love, O Lord! You be my reward!
Let Your presence forever with me stay.
Cause me to maintain, Lord, Your joy within,
Let eternity wash my tears away.

Salem, OR, United States

Lord, let this be our prayer of both consecration and joy as we enter into the flow of such a reality, and we thank You for this flow that brought this love to us, the flow of the Spirit flowing through the wine of those whose heart is poured out in Your own pouring forth. How deeply also may we love You!