God’s Move Today

  Producing overcomers is God’s move on earth today;
Living and active, they live and serve in a vital way,
Shepherd ’ccording to God, to build up Christ’s Body corp’rately.
We all need to be in Christ’s heav’nly ministry.
One with the interceding Christ, to carry out God’s admin’stration,
Carry out God’s administration for His economy.
As God’s redeemed, sanctified elect, His holy army arrayed we stand,
And in the energizing God, we move, we battle, we take the land.
We must move today in the wheel of God’s ultimate move,
Go forth, disciple all nations, teach the divine truths,
The kingdom’s gospel spread to all earth inhabited,
Till lampstands shine throughout all the earth,
Hasten the day of the Lord’s return,
Hasten the day of His return!

2006 Banner Song of Chinese-speaking Students' Perfecting Training

Grace Chan

Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

This is the ultimate time for God to accomplish His purpose to bring the Lord’s back! nMay we all be burdened with God’s ultimate move, and may we rise up and stand for the Lord’s recovery. Oh Lord, we cooperate with You in prayer!