But we all, but we all with unveiled face

  But we all, but we all with unveiled face,
Beholding, beholding and reflecting like a mirror
The glory of the Lord, are being transformed
Into the same image from glory to glory,
Even as from the Lord, the Lord Spirit.
From glory to glory.
Ian Diller

Austin, Texas, United States

Beholding, reflecting, and being transformed!

Isaac Estrada

Austin, TX, United States

Lord Jesus! We love to behold Your face!

Praise Him for unveiling us!

Andrew Tijerina

Austin, TX, United States

1 John 3:2- Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not yet been manifested what we will be. We know that if He is manifested, we will be like Him because we will see Him even as He is.

Praise The Lord he is transforming us into His image!

Debbie Lujan

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

amen ♡

Jeremiah Fichter

Columbus, OH, United States

Beholding! Reflecting! Being transformed into the same image!!



Wow, powerful lyrics.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord, unveil us!