The All-inclusive Christ

The all-inclusive Christ is the reality of food,
He’s drink and light and clothing and He’s everything that’s good;
When we apply the practice of taking Christ as life,
Then everything in daily life will be so full of Christ.

(Christ is the first and last and everything between!)
Christ is the centrality, the center of all things,
When we give Him preeminence our heart rejoicing sings;
Circumference of our living and universality,
Is Christ involved in everything in God’s economy.

(Christ is the fullness and the mystery of God)
Christ our life and hope of glory dwells within our being,
He’s Lord in our experience, a hope that we are seeing;
He’s dwelling in our spirit and spreading to our soul,
He’s building up His Body and will reach the final goal.

(We can shout, Hallelujah! All-inclusive Christ!)

2015 ICSC, Message 3

Luc De Beir

Langley, Canada

When we give Christ the preeminence in our hearts He comes to make Himself at home and we are being rooted and grounded in His love, able to apprehend with all the Saints what is the breadth, length, depth and height so that we may know the love of Christ that passes all knowledge and be filled with all the fullness of God! (Ephesians 3:17-19) Let us continue to recover Christ as our good land and partake of all His riches to for His building, Christ and the Church that will consummate in the New Jerusalem.... Amen.



"...He's dwelling in our spirit and spreading to our soul; He's building up His Body and will reach the final goal."

Hallelujah! All-inclusive Christ!