Divine Dispensing for the Life Supply

  We can eat, we can drink,
We can enjoy God,
By loving His priceless presence;
We can eat, we can drink,
We can enjoy God
By calling His precious name.
We need to love the Lord
And keep His pure Word,
And wear Christ as our clothes;
We need to call His name,
In Him remain,
In Him, our soul-life lose.
We need to eat the Lord,
Absorb His pure Word
And breathe in Christ as life;
And as we breathe God in,
The Spirit begins
Dispensing the life supply.


Now that we have the Life-giving Spirit in our spirit as the presence of the Lord, we have to remember brothers and sisters that our conscience must not be governed by right or wrong anymore. It is a matter of life and death. We need to ask ourselves: Do I have the Lord's presence in the endeavor that I am about to take?" The smiling presence of the Lord is everything to us in our Christian life. ❤

Esparagoza Family

Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Amen. We need to love the Lord and eat and drink his word for our nourishment and to enjoy God's word! Amen

Jordan Lange

Cambridge, MA, United States


Ana Beatriz

Bahia, Brazil

What a satisfaction we have in Him!


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Thank You Lord. When I am weak, I enjoy Your supply as the breathe. I eat and drink You.


Lord Jesus! You abide in us, teach us to abide in You!


Beautiful !!!