They walked along the road

They walked along the road:
Two disciples, all alone,
Their Master dead and gone.
A man to them drew near,
Spoke to them and calmed their fears,
They told Him everything.
  (He said:)
Why don’t you believe?
For it was necessary
For the Christ to suffer all these things
And enter His glory.
Why don’t you believe?
Why don’t you believe?
They came to journey’s end;
He came in to eat with them,
He blessed and broke the bread.
Then opened were their eyes;
Jesus Christ they recognized.
He disappeared from them.
  (They said:)
Did not our hearts burn
As He spoke those words?
While we walked with Him
The Scriptures were opened.
Did not our hearts burn?
Did not our hearts burn?
We walk along our road
He reminds us we were told
“I’m with you every day.”
No matter how we feel,
He’s the Spirit, He is real,
Indwelling you and me.
  (We say:)
Do not our hearts burn
When we hear His word?
Jesus Christ, within,
In resurrection lives!
Do not our hearts burn?
Do not our hearts burn?


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Dereck Ezika

United States

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