On the cross You gave Your life for me

On the cross You gave Your life for me,
That I might live again.
In resurrection You have lifted me
To newness born within.
Through the blood I repent of all my sins,
Precious Lord I now give in;
Fill me Lord Jesus,
Lord, I ask You to come in.
Upon my heart Lord write Your law,
So the Christ in me may grow.
Renew me in my mind too, Lord,
That Your light through me may show;
Calling, “O Lord Jesus!”
Wherever I may be;
Thank You sweet, sweet Jesus,
For today You set me free.
Lord, I really love You,
You’re everything I need.
Make Your home within my heart,
Only You I will believe.
Loving You and living You
With a heart that’s pure and true;
O dear Lord Jesus,
I trust my life to You.
Kate Emery

Logan, Qld, Australia

My dad wrote this song :)


Saipan, Marianas, Northern Mariana Islands

'loving You and living You Lord!"