Wild Rose of Sharon

I’m a wild rose, wild rose of Sharon
And I am like a lily of the valleys.
So is my love among the daughters
I am a lily among the thorns.
As the apple tree among the trees
Is my Beloved among the sons:
In His shade delighted I sat down,
And His fruit was sweet, was sweet to my taste.
Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The past three weeks I have been considering the first two verses of the Song of Songs. The "lily" is mentioned twice, and is located in two places or two situations. She is "in the valleys" or "among the thorns". Valleys are plural as well as thorns! The trusting, loving lily is either in the valleys of low, obscure, hidden places constantly looking to Him; or among the thorns piercing her, yet driving her into more intimate union and fellowship with the Beloved, Christ!