Another new day

  Lord, I thank You for another new day to live You;
Another day for me to practise being one spirit with You.
Remind me this whole day to reject my self,
Not to trust myself,
And not to live by myself.
Strengthen me to live by You.
Make this a day for me to live You out.
Taking You as my everything,
Abiding in You as a branch in the vine.
Dora Yao

New York, NY, United States

Lord, thank You for another new day. A new day is by Your mercy alone...for I am most undeserving of the chance You give me to come to You. I don't want to waste the day like so many I have left behind. Teach me to live by You.

Nathan Anderson

Clay, New York!, United States

Sometimes I don't feel like this, but it still is so wonderful to read the words and hear the music.


Manila, Phils

enjoy this hymn because everyday is a blessing from the Lord to be able to run the race again , if we fail the other day , today we can run again with new strength and new mercy.

Deng Xiaozhou


I like this song very much because we can always have a new beginning every day. Thank You Lord that Your compassions are new every morning. You can forgive all our failures in the past and just supply us with Your riches every day. It also help me to see that we need His strengthening and presence. Abiding in You, Lord!


Brampton, ON, Canada

I love this song because the Lord is so fresh and new to us each day. Each day is His mercy to us and He has given Himself to us in such a rich, fresh way. I just love the words because they speak to me so closely. I can trust no one else but the Lord and His life in me. Thank the Lord that He is so trustworthy and faithful daily. So loving and constant. Just abide!!!!!

In order to live Christ we must take Him as our person and as our life. Although I have made progress in this matter, I admit that still my practice is not very successful. Almost every morning I pray, "Lord, I thank You for another day to practice living You. Lord, in myself, I cannot do this. I ask You to remind me to live You and grant me the grace I need for this."